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Hello! Thank you for landing on my website. My name is Camille Jean Baptiste and I am a passionate graphic designer. Having spent time looking at the different services that both graphic designers, and web designers, offer to their clients, I was unable to read specific details about the types of people that they were, and the types of service that they offered. Hence the need for my webpage: a solution that tells you who you will be working with, and what I can offer to you.

I first realised that I had a natural flair for graphic design when I was just 9 years old. I realised that I had a unique, natural talent for drawing cartoons. Whilst at school, I started to draw cartoons in the back of my exercise books and was surprised at the level of detail and realistic qualities that I had produced. I felt like I had really bought my characters to life! It certainly made a change from the lessons I was sitting through and – although perhaps indirectly – my schooldays still allowed me to learn what I could do in life!

I needed to test how good my talents were, however, so I started showing other friends in my class. They were so impressed that they asked me to draw some for them. Feeling that I had a gift that no one else had, I but the business side of my brain to use and started charging 50p per drawing. If only the school projects were as interesting and educational as this one?!

Due to popular demand, I decided to organise my business affairs and hired myself a secretary (my good friend at the time). She had just started a business selling nail accessories and I offered to create a brand for her. Soon my clients were in order…that is until the teacher found out and I was banned from making money in the school environment!

I decided that I would nurture my talents further when I went to college. I applied for photography, 3d modelling and rigging, board game design and illustration. You might think that this range of subjects would be enough to keep me occupied, but I knew that it wasn’t quite the right niche for me. So, I decided to learn some of the more traditional arts and drawing techniques. Not wanting to rest on my laurels (and keep up to date with a more modern way of living), I learnt how to use ‘Flash’ and ‘Photoshop’ – software that I knew was being used in the real-life world of industry.

The natural progression from there was to move on to web design. I wanted to do something that would help me to make a living, and fulfil my passion, which was to have a successful career in design. I made a conscious to seek out clients from all sectors, from a van and man company to electronics and even leather cleaning!

Later I learnt how to use coding, and adapted my ways of working to suit the needs of each business. Since that time, I have never looked back! So, here I am today, ready to help your business!

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